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Exchange and Office 365 both are versatile email collaboration platforms for every single business person out there. And Exchange is very popular until Microsoft hasn't launched its Office 365 named platform for email collaboration. Office 365 has a very simple as well as unique interface and this software is embedded with so many advanced features which ease the whole migration process from Exchange to Office 365 lots easier. And, that's why nowadays users prefer Office 365 over Exchange. And for this type of complex task users have two methods one is to use the manual method and the second is to use a professional tool. The manual method always alters the original data, but the professional tool doesn't alter the original data and that's why users should always go with the professional tool. So here I suggest you use Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool which is a professional tool. This tool migrates the corrupt Exchange data into accessible Office 365 file format. It has a simple GUI as well as embedded with so many unique features. With the help of these features, users get the desired results without any alteration to the original data.

Try it out its free demo version through which users can migrate 50 data items per folder from Exchange to Office 365 without spending a single penny.

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